1940's cased Kaywoodie meer

Teddy Jeavons

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This was pretty close to mint condition, barely smoked. But while trying to sand out a small toothmark in the stem, I accidentally got stain on the bowl (don't ask. Assume the dumbest way it could have happened and you're probably on track). Sanding and re-waxing were a little less than smooth, and a comedy of errors ensued. It's now unevenly waxed. There are sanding marks. I could spend three hours trying to fix those things, but I'm just going to smoke it. Really, it's the case I wanted anyhow!
Anyway, a cool piece of history so I thought I'd share.
Ad purportedly from '47.

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Old Pipe Dude
Heat works on tooth marks if it’s a tooth depression. If it’s tooth wear, heat does nothing. Reads like it’s a 50s-60s nylon stem. Wet sanding and polishing is the right move.
I’ve had a lot of those meers Teddy. What works really great is wet sanding with 800 grit and then polishing with micromesh. You can wet sand right through the wax. You’ll generate a slurry wet sanding you should wipe off often. You can PM me if you’re interested and have questions.
That’s a really nice case. The Kaywoodie meerschaums can smoke pretty nice.
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