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Reduced! 1966 Dunhill Root Briar shape 127 F/T


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I’ll be listing a few pipes for sale today, first up is a ‘66 Root Briar in the 127 F/T shape. Condition is excellent and nomenclature is all clear. Measurements are 5.5” long by 1.875” tall, bore of 13/16”, weighing in at 51g. PM or post any questions. Price is $275. US Priority is included in the price, we can work something out for international. PayPal F&F only. Send it back in exactly the condition it was received and I’ll refund if the buyer isn’t satisfied.

Now $225, next stop Ebay.

21E45954-E3F2-4C95-A649-C3D5F8550AAE.jpeg 30FB7378-19B4-411E-9E13-BB201A5A191A.jpeg 2C201179-A69E-40F9-A7DF-594DEE786F61.jpeg E9814776-33CE-47F6-81F5-0F9D43318CB6.jpeg 14654CB2-B562-4DBE-BCD1-FDDA621231F1.jpeg
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