Sold! 1990 Dunhill Shell 5103


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PPD = Principal Pipe Dealers

Dunhill hosted a dinner each year during the annual show of the Retail Tobacco Dealers Association for their retailers. That show was in Washington DC in 1990. Before dinner, dealers could select their merchandise for the fall season from table after table of pipes, lighters, humidors and leather goods.
Well there goes my story.


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Yours is better. Nice to know the truth though….I guess.🙄
The truth shall set you free.

Back in the late 1970's Dunhill offered the PPD's an opportunity to go to London, with a factory tour and various other functions. The participants were given a pipe with the bowl shaped to resemble their classic My Mixture jar. Al Mandel of the Tinderbox Lennox Square in Atlanta had one, a Shell Briar. I am not sure if these were available in other finishes.
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