Sold! 2 slightly less decent pipes


That'll do, Pig.
In amongst the experiments for color, shine, briar supply etc, all kinds of oddity occurs.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this pipe, it just isn't anything like what I was hoping to make. I had selected this block on the basis of the apparent wide ring spacing, and went about blasting it, only to find that the rings were ridiculously tight and a leathery texture was going to be about it, no deep-cut coming because the briar wasn't going to take it. So you stop. The piece was beautifully clean, no chunks fell out under the gun (it's uncommon), and I went for a natural oil finish, and the result was the pipe turned two different colors, it's sort of brown for a bunch of years and then it just turns light at one ring and stays that way. My assumption is that if you smoke the pipe 40 times, it will become a uniform brown.

Stem is cumberland, the pipe is 48 grams, 6" long, oval shank, bowl is 2" tall, and the chamber is just 3/4", so it's a tall/skinny sorta thing. And I've taken about 400 pictures of this pipe, flash, no flash, different exposures, angles, lighting, and I just can't get a good picture of it, so ... piss on it, here it is.



This is super reliable sweet-smoking briar, it's drilled perfect, stem is wonderful, I'd keep the damn thing and smoke it but I just don't need another pipe at all, and one of you guys can put a couple hundred dozen bowls through it and see if it was worth the 225 bucks it cost you.

Next up, again nothing wrong with this pipe in any way, I just didn't get the result at all I was hoping for, it blasted vastly different than I figured, and I kind of gave up. The stem here is acrylic, and it's not black, it is in fact poop swirl, the subtle olive cumberland that I and I alone love. Briar is spanish, it will mellow up and be your friend. This pipe is 5 5/8" long, not quite 2" tall, and has a slightly wider 13/16" chamber, kind of a good do-all size. 41 grams. And that's all this is, a really good smoking pipe in a classic shape and size. Same thing, 225 bucks all in here.



Again, this will darken with use, and the pipe will end up being a sort of mahogany color with the olive/black stem, it will look good. But this is not a fancy top grade blast, nor a fancy top-grade piece of wood in terms of grain or cut. It will smoke circles around anything else in this price range.