For Sale 2006 Castello Collection KKKK Apple


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Up for sale is a Castello Collection KKKK, one notch below Fiamatta, in the apple shape. It’s in very good condition all around, the pics tell the tale. Specs:

Length: 5 3/4”
Height: 2”
Chamber Diameter: 13/16”
Chamber Depth: 1 3/4”
Weight: 63g

Post here or PM me with any questions. Price is $250 delivered to the US, outside the US just ask and I'm sure we can work something out. If for any reason at all the buyer isn't satisfied I'll be happy to refund so long as the pipe is returned exactly as received. Paypal F&F only please.

6E1DA54C-56C1-4E18-914F-DDB261870EA9.jpeg D278E7DE-009A-4919-BEAE-6965B2654499.jpeg 7B40BE7B-C0C2-4D3C-8722-7492229BCD78.jpeg 813D30AD-2792-4FD4-8B3A-48868F0A05EE.jpeg 255F0A2B-E841-4A84-B3F0-2B62E78960D3.jpeg 6094E9B4-218B-4861-AC16-EAF2A227FCF8.jpeg