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Sold! 2006 Dunhill Cumberland 4112


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Next up is a Dunhill stack billiard with a bit of ring grain. Only one condition note here: there is some carbon on the smooth rim at 12 o’clock. I haven’t made an effort to remove it because I’m paranoid about losing the stain and it’s just not something I’m comfortable with. The pipe is 5 3/4” by 2” high with a 3/4” bore. Weight is 35g. Feel free to PM me or post any questions. Price is $175. US Priority is included in the price, we can work something out for international. PayPal F&F only. Send it back in exactly the condition it was received and I’ll refund if the buyer isn’t satisfied.

3EE4D749-15B6-40E7-A83E-5E9069FC9A3D.jpeg 4D126727-D73C-4869-A4B2-D535A5941400.jpeg 88472491-A6B4-4B6C-96F2-9A70ACFB99BD.jpeg F82972E7-CDEC-4F58-9531-0E01AB6B6647.jpeg 7AF141BF-5C8C-4320-AB2F-363DD0DCF346.jpeg
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