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2019 Latest Pipe Smoking Purchase


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From the @MakDragon herd thinning comes a gorgeous unsmoked (Not for long) Tinsky Rhodesian.
Bill-thanks for flawless execution in the buying process-Pipe is awesome View attachment 26955
Thanks for your kind words!
So glad you like that pipe!!
It was a very difficult one to let go but......
Enjoy sir and smoke it in good health!!!


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Not really a purchase but I had a Bonfiglioli and a Castello that needed new tenons, so I sent them to Dave Walker. Folks from GFO may remember Charles Spencer... years ago he sent me a handful of his "field pipes" given how often I used to break pipes back in the day. Well I got several of those spiffed up and re-stemmed too because they were getting a bit funky.

I probably spent too much refurbing them but I enjoyed the gift and want to keep them in use. Plus I almost lost a Castello in a snowbank while fishing last year and an Ashton almost got swallowed by the river this year, so. Always need a good field pipe.
Charles Spencer field pipes. Have you heard from the old boy lately?


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It’s been a great two days at mail call. Today Castello #8 arrived. A Castello Fiammata from @tfdickson. Absolutely gorgeous pipe. I am so happy Ted smoked a couple bowls in it so I don’t have to have that discussion with the guy in the mirror. I can enjoy with zero guilt. It came with a surprise Baccy bomb.
View attachment 27065
Not to mention the fact that those first few bowls are expensive! I drove the Ferrari off the lot and into your driveway.