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2019 Latest Pipe Smoking Purchase

Took advantage of the sale at Tobacco pipes today to buy some C&D blends to see if I can find some I like other than Dreams of Kadath and Star of the East. Bought a tin of Burley 1 and 3, Black Frigate, Opening Night, Pirate Kake and Redburn. Added a tin of Dan Tobacco Roper's Roundels, the name alone makes it worth a try. I think pirate Kake and Opening Night have the best chance.


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I bought one of the pipes posted by @ShilohHollow , the Old England pot, and it came yesterday. I had the feeling that it would come, so I was waiting for the mail before going out to smoke. About noon, I decided that I should go ahead and load up a bowl. Then, just as anyone reading this is surely expecting... Like 20 minutes into my bowl, my wife comes out to the garden with a box. There's no better way of making something happen than that...
No problems, though. Finished a lovely bowl of Irish Flake while I looked at and checked out my new-to-me pipe. POIDH, so...
And a pipe-in-hand pic...
It's a really nice pipe. Looking forward to a bowl of Pegasus in it later this morning. If it smokes half as good as it looks or feels in my hand, I'll be thrilled. Thank you again, @ShilohHollow .


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Gifts and trade stuff: 4 ounces of Art's Virginia, 2 ounces of aged Bald Headed Teacher, an EM 2004 Stanwell sandblasted billiard, an unsmoked 1980s straight White Pipe bulldog (my second one), an unsmoked 1980s SMS Turk's head smoking a pipe meer with paneled sides which is signed by carver John Boglon, a tin of 2003 Christmas Cheer, 2 tins of the last edition of Carolina Red Flake, and a couple secret, really cool gifts that I'll pass on to friends as asked.
Tried the smokingpipes estate credit deal but was beat out to the pipe I wanted before credit was applied. Enjoy that spigot whoever you were, jerk. Did however find another pipe I've been watching for, much cheaper, house money anyway, so I grabbed another pound of HH Burley Flake and Sutliff Match RR to accompany. Hope they get another spigot in but this works for me.