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2019 Latest Pipe Smoking Purchase


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From our own Sorringowl I picked up this Russet Glove leather set. He described it as soft as bud'dah. And it is. I have an older one of his with some use on it but it's no where as soft as this one. I have it packed with one pipe, a Kiribi lighter, tobacco pouch, tobacco leather mat, tamper and a few pipe cleaners. This one is going in my truck rotation. For the smokes home. Two piles fit if need be.
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Great product. Hit @Sorringowl up if you want one.
And how about that smell!!!!!


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How well does the pouch seal the tobacco ?
It's lined with some type of plastic coating. This one goes fairly far down the flap. It's not going to be as air tight as a ziplock back but much better than an unlined leather pouch. There's a good size overhang of the leather. And a tight fit for in order to snap it when it's full. All those should add up to a good seal for a leather pipe.