2020 latest pipe smoking purchases


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A couple recent pick ups, Maddis and Nate King

I'm almost exclusively a cob smoker. But I saw the Bones pipes in the POY discussion
I went to the site and saw the Classic Bones. The idea of a random gnarly shape was irresistible.
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Now I just have to learn how to smoke something this short without losing my eyebrows!
I like it, it looks like a garbled version of my Morgan Bones stubby pot.


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Dunhill double-patent Root Briar billiard dated by SP's appraisers to the year 1929. This thing is brushing up on 100 years old.

I scored it for a pittance on eBay, as it was originally in rather spotty condition. Some elbow grease later, and I think it's back in a position to where it wouldn't embarrass a serious collector.

This thing smokes like a DREAM.

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That's a BEAUTIFUL pipe.
I don't know how bad it looked coming from Ebay. But you sure have it looking great now.
Very nice .. that looks much better than the pictures on the sales page of their website
It seems to be finished really well. No pits, very smooth, no fills. I can’t find any issues with the stem work, perfectly smooth from the metal band to the stem. Weighs ~45g and is bowl heavy. Speaking of the bowl, it’s got 2.5g of ODF in it (rubbed out) and is just shy of half full. As far as the grain goes, I don’t even know what constitutes “good” grain. It looks like wood to me, so yay.
My latest pipe purchase was this Jack Howell Dublin in a solid group 5 size. It smokes dry as a bone and nice and cool and is building a cake quite quickly. It is another winner from Jack. This is the 9th pipe I have bought from Jack and have been blown away at each one in how they smoke and look.
Here is the latest a large group 5 Dublin.

The only complaint I have with Jack is his picture taking is worse than mine.