2020 latest pipe smoking purchases


Won't Curse You
They lost me at the first hint of licorice in some of the reviews....blech...
It might just be a personal palate thing. I've never tasted licorice in any tobacco I've smoked. Also, I often have no idea where 'citrusy' is coming from in most reviews. I get it that it's in the casing - it's just too subtle for my Neanderthal palate most of the time.
Last pipe I bought is a Jack Howell Dublin.

I then bought 2 aged tins from 2002 and 2003 both one of my favorite smokes. I am sorry but I am still looking for more and I don't need the competition even though most people don't know much about this one. They were not that bad price wise 65.00 for a 100 gram tin. Once I get another half dozen or so I will show what tins I am talking about. I hope people realize that I am not being selfish but I learned my lesson about telling everyone what you are collecting. When I created my cellar in 2012-2013, I used to post my list of favorite flakes. It wasn't long before many became hard to find and I was asked by some people to stop posting the list so I did. Now since my collection is complete I am more than happy to post the list buy only if people are ok with that. I will always answer a pm about it