2020 latest pipe smoking purchases


Hammer down.
Let it be known, the wastelander known as @Maddis will brave the irradiated TP hordes to get much needed supplies directly to your bunker. He may have cleaned out the HVAC exhaust stack too because he is such a swell guy. I did emerge, wheat snack and grape powder in hand to collect the kindling carefully wrapped in a brown corrugated paper box. Joyful to read the stuffing scraps of a cult who called themselves 'cigars international', a relic of the lost world.

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You scored with that get


There is no spoon.
Oh no, I just sort of started with English after a rather bumpy start to pipe smoking again by a deplorable local brick and mortar.
Which is why I now drive nearly two hours to go to an actual store that is awesome.

I called an order in after reading some things here to WC tobacco and got a few tins of Squadron Leader because, well being BlueMaxx I liked the tin art!

So I liked it, and it has grown from there.

Now I have been getting some bulks in from various vendors and also have spoken to some folks who actually know what they are speaking of, and bought some quality tins.

I will put it this way...aside from rap, I pretty much like any music....I am finding the same with tobacco.

As long as it its a quality product, and being such a beginner that most things are so new to me I have the benefit of ignorance on my side that I can smoke just about anything, as long as it is done well.

Sure, some things are better than others, but it is the variety that intrigues me.

One caveat...in my first corncob back in like December?
I started with one of the most intoxicating aromatics.
It was recommended when I went in to buy a cob pipe by our local brick and mortar that is named Cigar, Cigar...and who seem like they could give a rats ::ass:: about "those pipe smokers".
It was the most goopy, artificially sickly sweet chemical tasting things I have tried...so then I tried a quality aromatic.

And realize how hard it is for a new pipe smoker with no resources, this was before joining here.

I felt like leaving a burning bag of dog crap along with the contents of whatever the hell Ii bought on their store doorstep.
So you’re saying aromatics are the pipe tobacco equivalent of rap?