2020 latest pipe smoking purchases

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Thought I'd stock up on some new to me tobaccos, and some snuff (which is new to me altogether) so I got the following:

Kendal Ennerdale Pipe Tobacco 50g (Tin)
Mac Baren HH Latakia Flake Pipe Tobacco 050g (Pouch)
Kendal Coniston Cut Plug Pipe Tobacco 50g (Tin)
Revor Plug Pipe Tobacco 50g (Pouch)
Condor Long Cut Pipe Tobacco 50g Pouch
Kendal Bosun Cut Plug Pipe Tobacco (Loose)
McChrystal's Aztec (Formerly Chocolate) Snuff - Mini Tin - 3.5g
Gawiths Kendal SP Snuff - 10g
Wilsons of Sharrow - Tom Buck Snuff - Small Tin - 5g
Excellent selection sir! Welcome to Snuffdom!


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I sent some money to Greece today.

Wow! Very nice. :thumb-yello:

Thanks...I totally understand the space issue, I still have some in pouches and tins stashed for lack of space....always scanning local Craigslist for someone getting rid of an old hutch.....I just built some cheap pine shelves for the ones I use the most.

The most satisfying aspect is that it makes me smile whenever I set down in the man cave. View attachment 62408
View attachment 62407
Beautiful smoking corner!