2021 latest pipe smoking purchases


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New to me meer arrived today, by way of Bollito. It’s not marked so no idea who made it. Must be fairly recently made though, it has a chamfered delrin tenon and a delrin sleeve in the mortise. Draw is a little tight but perfectly workable. The draft through the stem is a straight shot with no step downs so the draw is a function of the diameter rather than any kind of obstruction or pinch point at the slot.



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yes, if anyone wondered who it was, it was me, today arrived this magnificent JT Cooke that I bought to @Tallpuffoburley the pipe is impressive, despite its large size, I was surprised how well it fits and hold it in the mouth, no doubt it is perfectly balanced.The brush passes perfectly and the drill is perfect, this has to be a great smoker, I'm going to try to leave the ring flawless so it shows a little more...but only a little because it already looks great. ...today is Champions night, I think it's a good time for "breaking" it for my part. The mouthpiece is a beautiful "wine" color and the pipe is impeccably cared for.

JT Cooke Horn 2.jpg

JT Cooke Horn.jpg

JT Cooke Horn 3.jpg

the pics are from movil and bad...

thank you very much @Tallpuffoburley for making it possible for me to have a Cooke in my collection, it was something that was missing and for your great kindness

PS for those who have doubts about sending to Spain, pipes there has been absolutely no problem with the shipment, the pipe has arrived at my house perfectly packed and in magnificent condition.
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The friend who gave me a couple of batches of pipes struck again! He gifted me 1960’s Half and Half, 2016 War Horse Ready Cut, four pouches of Velvet, and 125 grams of year 2014 Hamburger Veermaster. Bunches of pipe cleaners, too.

Here's the list of pipes. I'm going to post the photos in this thread: https://pipesmokersdens.com/threads/jims-pipe-collection.1779/

Circa 1940s-50s JW (John Wanamaker) made in London (Comoy’s ) 186 billiard.
Early 1900s dark brown smooth straight JD billiard.
1950 Dunhill 48 bulldog group 4 root briar.
An undated straight brown sandblasted Tom Eltang cherrywood.
Early 1930s (Wally Frank) Silverking Syncomatic bulldog made in France.
WW2 Barling’s Make SS billiard.
Undated pre-republic Peterson Shamrock 283 Canadian with a nickel band and a black tapered vulcanite p-lip stem.
Early 1900s Chesterfield C.R.F. French Briar billiard.
Late-1930s Linkman’s Dr. Grabow Deluxe Bruyere 9708B pot.
Circa WW2-1953 Trapwell mountain laurel patent apple.
Circa 1919-1924 Kaywoodie Capitol tankard with a double bowl.
1940s Kaywoodie Yello-Bole Premier patent apple.
Circa 1920-30s LHS Diplomat tankard with a double bowl.
Undated LHS Sterncrest 10 billiard.
Undated LHS Sternie’s dublin.
Undated Mastercraft Custom Deluxe billiard.
Undated Weber’s Deep Grain 565 pot.
Undated Lane (Charatan) Virgin De Lux billiard.
Pre-1970s Lane (Comoy) Commodore paneled pot.
Family era “Canadian” by Sasieni.
Family era Sasieni Mayfair Canadian.
Circa 1950s Yello-Bole Thorn dublin.
Post WW2 (GBD) Rozier San Francisco 9240 squat bulldog.
1950s Comoy’s Tradition 305 apple military mount.
1930s (Comoy’s) Lions Head 123 pot.
Pre-1952 (Comoy’s) Corinthian De-Luxe 126 pot made for Sutliff in San Francisco.
1930s (Comoy’s) Canadian Club 230 eight paneled billiard.
Post WW2 (Comoy’s) Ancestor bulldog.
1930s (Comoy’s) Guildhall Skirm’s billiard.
1930s (Comoy’s) J. Gallaher 215 billiard.
Post mid-1950s (Comoy’s) Derby Natural Grain billiard.
Circa 1930s-40s West End Morecambe 115 bulldog.


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No. I`ve never smoked the old one.

p.s. I do not like to compare blends, but sometimes I prefer a blend over others.
I know several people who are thinking about ordering it, but they are reluctant because they don't want to spend a ton of money for something that might not be the same as the original was. If anyone else gets the new stuff, and is familiar with the old, the information would be desirable to many (not me, because it's too expensive).