2021 latest pipe smoking purchases

The Old Professor

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I recently purchased a Road Town Bamboo Bent Billiard on Ebay for a very reasonable price. These pipes are made in China and I see them all the time on Ebay, so I thought, 'What the heck," and shucked out $30 and bought this one. Here is my impression: Upon taking it out of the packaging, the tenon would only push about half way into the mortise. I fixed that problem in about 10 seconds with my drill, but a new pipe should not have that problem.

The pipe is briarwood (according to the advertising) and it has an acrylic stem.

In the aesthetics department, the pipe looks reasonably good, no noticeable fills. And it smoked quite well. For the money, I'd say it was worth the price. I'm not sure I would buy another from this company, but I'm keeping this one. I like the looks of the bamboo.


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I have to stop reading this thread.


Great looking pick-ups, everyone!


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I posted the Elf Cobbit that I got earlier this week (I had been checking the Aristocob website daily for over a month for them to get stock, which they had not gotten any when I last checked), so I broke down and ordered one from P&C. I ended up ordering the Wizard from Aristocob after I had the Elf and it arrived today.
MM Wizard Cobbit.JPG
A comparison of the size difference (dwarf cobbit with forever stem on the left)
Either MM is doing something different with the finish / Plaster of Paris treatment, or I got really lucky with the other 6 MMs I smoke. Both the Elf and Wizard were some of the most horrible first bowl smokes I've had to date out of a cob. Really strong alkaline bite in my entire mouth, very astringent. The Elf made Rivendell taste like burnt popcorn husk and the Wizard was so bad I really could not even taste the PA that I had chosen for the first bowl. Tasted like the crummy wooden tongue depressors the Doctors use and actually made my teeth hurt. I spent the week smoking the remaining few bowls worth of Corn Cob Pipe and a Button Nose from a tin I had open in the Elf while commuting to and from the Salt Mine, and it is no longer unpleasant to smoke. The Wizard will be next weeks project. I do like the shape and feel of these pipes, and while I had heard that cobs can taste off-putting at first, I had not experienced that issue until these two pipes.