the pineapple on your pizza
It’s interesting how the internet has changed how we interact with smaller businesses and has eradicated a certain sense of patience in most of us, myself included.

It’s funny, because we all want these unique experiences, and i think pipe folks in particular have a yearning for B&Ms and the old school, but part of the current human condition is an expectation that these experiences be delivered with the cold efficiency of a machine.

I’m not really saying this as a reflection of the conversation - in this day and age, it’s not acceptable to not respond to emails - but it’s interesting to me that even we as group of people with a yen for the traditional have started feeling a strange sense of anxiety when we run up against the errors of the organic.


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Are you kidding, or has your opinion changed from your 4-star TR review (rated the second most helpful review by TR users)? I read your review just this morning while smoking some MB NF, and so I thought I remembered you being rather fond of it...
Oh I smoke Navy Flake all the time, I think it's great. I'm just teasing Green Drake, with whom I have shared plenty of Navy Flake. Perhaps he'll become confused and give me his pound!