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9mm filters? Advice requested.


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I have been smoking pipes for several decades and have recently taken to increase my collection. Finding some pipes I liked, I found they came in 9 mm filter form. This enabled me to try smoking a pipe with a filter. Quite honestly, I find it a most agreeable experience. I have tried the Stanwell and the Dr Pearl types and find no difference between them.


Thanks to a tip from the pipe nook guy 9mm charcoal filters were a game changer. They provide a dryer, cooler, and better tasting smoke. The flavor is muted in a good way, probably because it removes some tar and moisture. Sort of like when you run tap water thru a charcoal filter, it purifies the flavor. The only drawback is a tighter draw. Ive used several different brands and I can't really tell a difference in quality or effectiveness.
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