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A Great Meeting Indeed


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Jeff dropped a tobacco bomb on me (David got one also). He had to explain what a TB was lol. One of them is based on what Chesty Puller smoked (I'll let Jeff expound), and I smoked that almost exclusively yesterday. Pipe I used, and in the pic, is the BST cross cut smooth small Billiard. Stylus in the groove, stylus in the groove.


Mac Baren - Capstan Gold Navy Cut Ready Rubbed
(generous!) samples:
Chesty's Best - Racine & Laramie, Burley forward VA
Tsuge Raijin - VaPer & Dark fired
Sutliff Blue Danube - Golden Cav, Burley F VA
C&D Oak Alley Vaper Oriental
Seattle Pipe Club Deception Pass VaPer
Uhle's Huntclub - VaPer
Uhle's #00 ( !!!!!!! )
Esoterica Dorchester
Esoterica Woodbridge


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He knew it was waiting and he stuck around? You guys must be great company!

The time just flew by.

David was smoking the pipe his Dad ( WWII veteran ) gave him. Pipe was an Acorn I think. Very nice - lightweight I noticed (my preference lately). He also had a very nice slightly bent Bulldog.

Jeff brought a Castello Natural Vergin that was nicely colored. And his new Tinsky Tan Sandblasted Rhodesian that I think just arrived (from @MakDragon). Beautiful pipe.


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Looks like you boys had a good time.

Hey @jpberg , notice the horizontal surface is covered with either tobacco paraphernalia or beverages. Another sign of a successful gathering. Although I don't see any whiskey bottles or used pipe cleaners.
Looks pretty fancy. I bet they even had to leave the room to pee.