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A Little Dunhill Dating Help?


Old Pipe Dude
I bought this Dunhill Shell Canadian yesterday. I don't have it yet, these are the eBay pics. I've had some Dunhills, but I'm no expert. The dating sites kind of confuse the issue for me. From the nomenclature this looks to me like the pipe was made in '57 and sold in '58. Am I right? Opinions?

EC is the letter Shape code which is for Canadian. (4 letter codes they started using in 1976)
F/T is fishtail bit
4 (Group 4) S (Shell Briar)

In the MADE IN ENGLAND stamping, the 7 and 8....are they both underlined? Its hard to see in the picture, but that makes a difference of the date :)

If underlined you are correct, made in '57 sold in '58

If not underlined then made in '67 and sold in '68.

Hope this helps!:puffy:


Drink Water, Walk It Off
Well I asked her to the dance and went to pick her up. Old man charatan was waiting in the recliner with a 10ga. He gave me that look even when I addressed him as Sir. I don't need to deal with that kind of pressure man, that was the first and last date. YMMV


Old Pipe Dude
I'll know better once I have the pipe, but to my eye both numbers appear underlined. I remember having this problem before and trying to figure out if the number was smaller than the D or not. Then I got a 60s pipe and the difference is pretty striking once you see it. I think you all have confirmed my first impression. Thanks!:beerchug: