A Poet and a Peterson Pipe... what shape is this?


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Hello, all

My lovely wife showed me this most endearing video on youtube last night of one of the great living poets of our time Malcolm Guite! In particular, because he is puffing away on his Peterson and waxing poetic on the poetry in his new book.

Two things,

One, watch this video if you like poetry or not, it's a great clip!

Two, what shape is it? I want one!



"Foo Was Here"
Left to my own devices, I would happily burrow away in a book-cluttered den like just like that. With odd piles of other favorites/necessities tucked away among the gentle chaos.
That is a big ditto....could not think of anything better.
One day in the near future I plan on selling this house and looking for a much smaller one with a yard the size of a postage stamp.
A one level house with it’s own den for nothing but pipes, tobacco, books and old clocks and some big windows for natural light and bird watching!