Sold! A pretty decent pipe


That'll do, Pig.
I have a standing offer with Vermont Handjob that whenever he comes across anything in the briar world that is old, weird, interesting, etc, he is to call me, and I will buy it. I find this expeditious for both of us. This pipe comes from one such block. Marked "OLD", I can only assume it is, in fact, old. And everything about the block, color, texture, everything, suggests this. So if you care, that's that.

The pipe is fairly large, 6" from chin to button, chamber is 3/4" by 1 1/2" or so, nothing crazy. The blast is uniform rings and pretty sharply delineated. Stem ebonite, no details to it at all, just a straight taper. 58 grams.



Passes a cleaner, and should make for an easy jaw-hanging type of experience.

325.00 all in for that.


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I have been coming back to this thread repeatedly, and also looking at old BST threads. I know it's personal taste, but this is the coolest bent BST I've seen. Not kicking tires - someone needs to buy this before I receive my billiard and decide I have to have a second one (and mine's in the mail).