A random sad contemplation


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I have a new-production Kaywoodie. I paid 40 or 50 dollars for it. It’s a lot of pipe for the money, and better than you would think.

No flaws, pretty decent grain, looks to be cut from a plateaux block, open draw, chamfers tenon, all the stuff I like except that it had an improperly funneled slot.

For $40, that’s a forgivable error.
If you smoke with 9mm filters, the straight Luca Vannettis sold by Pipes & Cigars are very good smokers. I have several. They're sort of a knock-around pipe, so they see a lot of use. Only problem is some have a lot of fills. P&C doesn't have the selection they used to.

I've heard the bent Vannettis can be a problem.


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Again a sample size of one, but of all of the pipes I have owned, the one I am definitely keeping is a Design Berlin 9mm twin bore with a silver mount that I bought new for about 60 euros in Germany (roughly $60 at a guess). I always smoked it filterless and it's the one pipe I would definitely regret selling on in terms of how well it smokes.


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Smoking pipes has a line for sale of French made pipes that are in classic French shapes, called Bruyere St Claude...or, as mine is stamped, Piazzolla P. I have a long shanked billiard that I have smoked nearly everyday for the last 15 months, and it is a champ...and that’s with me ignoring all the rules!...
That's Pascal Piazzolla. I went to visit him at his home and neighbouring workshop in France in summer 2014. I posted about it on the old forum. I spent a wonderful day with Pascal and his family during which I rummaged through his entire workshop either side of an excellent lunch prepared by his wife. Sadly, I read online somewhere that Pascal died although I haven't seen it confirmed. I wonder if SP managed to buy up a load of his stock. The pipes of his that I bought all smoked very well.