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A Thank You from me, as well...


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Thank you @aGAKWq !!! So, the other day I log in and there's a PM from him, saying that he had gotten "some" Haunted Bookshop and it turned out to not be something he's into, and asking if I wanted it. Since I'm quite a fan, and I've smoked pretty much all of mine, I happily said yes. I was expecting maybe a 2 oz tin with a bowl or two gone, or maybe a baggie with a few ounces of bulk. Imagine my surprise when the mail comes today with an unpopped 8 oz tin! I'm blown away. Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate it. I would snap a pic of it, but it's in the bedroom right now, and my wife is resting in there. If any of you really really want a pic of the tin, YOU go in there and get it. I know better, lol...
I feel so lucky to have found this board. After a number of … hmm... unsatisfying... forum experiences, I feel like I've found the ONE CORNER of the internet with really great people. Thank you again to @aGAKWq , and thank you to everyone here for helping to create and maintain the nicest place on the internet. PSD is awesome. :beerchug:


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you got that right, after visiting quite a few other pipe forums which turned out just to be keyboard warriors who loved a good online ruck, it's a refreshing change to be on one where choices aren't pitied or flamed but embraced and in many cases enabled....
It's the admin working quietly behind the scenes that make it so. Along with the awesome membership, of course. But a big brown nosing hat tip to our Admin!:goodjob:


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Best forum out there, hands down. Even without the awesome generosity that members show toward one another, it would still be the best by a mile. Some of the behavior I’ve seen on other forums, least forgivably toward new members, has been atrocious. None of that, yet tons of knowledge, experience, insights and great ideas related to pipes and tobac can be found here.


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We are getting off target a bit, but hell, I'm in.

The original PSF was started by Woody to be a resource for all things pipe related. Over the years a certain amount of tomfoolery crept in. It was tolerated, even encouraged, as a way to keep old timers engaged and to keep up their presence on the forum. And then whenever a serious question was posted we would be here to offer advice and opinions. And at PSD we continue that philosophy, to be first and foremost a resource for pipe smokers. Regarding the treatment of new comers and rookies. They really are the lifeblood of PSD. Without them we would just be boring each other with our old war stories. So yes, they are welcomed with open arms. Now I get serious. If you do not wish to incur the wrath of the staff, do not answer a new comer with some variation of "This question has been asked eleventy thousand times. Learn to use the fiddle sticksing search function." But providing pertinent links is a very helpful thing.

So let's have fun and be ready to answer the call when needed.