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Having received the blessing of PSD leadership, the BT has been working on something very special.

As a tribute to our friend Doug, DGErwin11, a PSD 2022 DGE Missouri Meerschaum Tribute Pipe will be available to PSD members later this year.

The staff at Missouri Meerschaum has been very accommodating in working with us on this and the pipe will be available for purchase directly from their site via a link especially created for PSD members (much like Chris Morgan did for us on our 2022 Bones POY).

Information is limited. What is posted below is what we already KNOW. If it’s not posted here, that means the information is still not known.

This Tribute Pipe will be a first of its kind. It's something PSD has not done before. Many thanks to PSD leadership for allowing us an opportunity to pay tribute to our friend.

It is, of course, a corncob pipe and the size, finish, and shape is something we think Doug would have liked. We relied on a DGE Cob for inspiration.
However , this cob is not something from MM’s existing line of pipes. As a result, we only have the components to show you as of right now.

There is not, and there may never be, a photo of the pipe as an end-product prior to the pipe going up for sale. We hope you can use your imagination a bit for visualizing what the pipe is going to look like as a finished product. See the info below for help on that.

The BT is not looking for suggestions on the pipe. But, we do need your help.
Please vote in an upcoming poll to let us know if you would be interested in purchasing the pipe. This will help MM make the necessary preparations.

As with our POY’s (and probably even more), this is NOT about the pipe. This is about something much more than the pipe. Please be kind when sharing your opinions.

We are aiming for a release date that gets the Tribute Pipe to you well before Christmas. But please remember we are still experiencing supply issues in many industries. We will do our best.

The price should be around $30 + shipping

The pipe will consist of…

A 5th Avenue Diplomat bowl
(Approx. Dimensions 2.12” exterior bowl height and chamber of 1.5" depth, .75" diameter):
View attachment 150923

The finish will be a “Natural finish with a yellow stain". An example of both finish and stain seen here (This NOT the shape of the bowl):
View attachment 150924

The shank, ferrule, and stem will be like that found on the Dagner Poker:
View attachment 150925
The stem will be an upgraded acrylic stem like those found on MM’s Special Edition cobs.

We will get the poll posted ASAP.
Is this available yet? Thx!
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