Alternative to Mason Jars


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I am having trouble finding any Mason jars (that are not severely overpriced) for tobacco storage. Anyone have a good alternative to use?
The mylar suggestion is a great one.
I've been happy with mine.

If jars are a must, have you tried not-so-obvious stores? Walmart, Target, and Amazon are where many check first.
But, at least in my area, almost all of the grocery stores and some of the feed stores carry Ball jars at reasonable prices too.

Ray Mackessy

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Sometimes it's hard to find mason jars because of the time of the year. My wife says that late spring to early summer is when most people start canning and it depends on what their canning. As a rule when the crops are starting to come in, that's when jars are hard to find. In todays world (survival instincts) people are canning more then in years past. That may have alot to do with not being able to find mason jars. I can't improve on the recommendations already offered by others.


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Exactly what Ray said. If you don't absolutely need jars right now, just wait a little while. Jars are always in short supply when people are canning, and this year there was a drastic shortage as more people gardened and canned because of COVID.

We have a whole thread about the shortage:

If you do decide to use bags, I'd stay away from plastic of any kind unless you are just using them for a short time. Mylar is much less permeable than plastic -- this is one reason why helium balloons are made from mylar.


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Tractor Supply may be able to special order some for you if you ask nicely, and if you have one handy.
The county co-op here has jars usually, but they're always overpriced, even when there's no shortage.
I've still got a flat of pint jars and I've had to cut way back on orders, so I won't have to search anytime soon.


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I have long used a vacuum storage bag system for preparing bulk meat purchases for the freezer. I picked up a couple of storage containers from Meijer that pair with the vacuum sealer. I keep bulk tobacco that I smoke regularly in apothecary locking clamp lid jars with seals, but the 1 - 2 oz sample bags (that have multiplied at an alarming rate) I store in these vacuum storage containers. Each of the 10 cup containers can hold at least a pound worth of the sample baggies, and I keep the containers in their original boxes (labeled for content) which makes for easy storage. The containers have a vacuum indicator on the lid, which makes it easy to check status, it's lighter and more compact to store than glass jars, not as prone to breakage and easy to reseal when I get the urge to try a stored blend.

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Thank you everyone. I have not had any luck finding any jars yet but I will keep looking. I didn't even think about grocery stores, that is a good idea. I live in a fairly small town and everyone I think is panicking and buying them all up as they come in unfortunately.
Well, if worse comes to worse, you can always share some of your wealth with Jeff Bezos - I am sure he could part with a few jars for the right price :thumb-yello: