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Russ H.

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This thread is so informative. Although I do not own an Altinay pipe it is extremely, and truly wonderful that Mr. Altinay has came here to PSD and offered up such great information. I would like to personally say thank you for being so generous in offering real, and straightforward information.
Thank you Mr. Altinay 👏👏


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I think it's incredibly neat that pipe makers, blenders, and what have you come in and offer insight into processes, products, and issues on this board. I have never seen that on any other forums I frequent for other interests, and I feel it really adds to the overall experience of awesomeness here, along with boosting my respect for the people and their passion for what they do.
Now that we know the tenon insert is nylon, it may also be important never to use isopropyl alcohol on it.

I don't know why, but nylon and iso don't get along. It will melt like butter.

Ethanol is fine. Other alcohols are fine. Just not isopropyl.
Dear Sir
I'm sorry for my misspelling and late reply.
Our tenons are delrin, not nylon.
For your information.