Am I gonna get my :ass: kicked?


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Here’s another to try. Boswells Pa. Dutch Treat. I think you would like it. I have not tried it but a 1:3 mix of my 50/50 Boswell and a little of their Cherry Smash.
Here’s another Cherry recipe I did and jarred for when I get on an aromatic rampage.
1-tin of CAO cherry.
1-tin of MacBarren Vanilla Cream.
1-Fold over pocket package of Captain Black Gold.
Use big bowl and mix it VERY well. Jar it and pack it tight. Let it age for a month or more. Open and enjoy. You’ll like rhe cherry in it. I’ve had non smokers comment on it ans say it smells good. It also tastes really good, BUT it must be smoked nice and slow so the flavor profiles don't get steamed and messy. I still sneak a little once in a while.
IT WILL leave that flavor profile behind in a pipe for awhile and the need to smoke through it hangs on so chose a pipe you plan on not caring about cleaning out the ghost for a couple smokes. I had a name I came up with for it, but some may find it a little offensive so we’ll leave that alone. I found this idea when trying to go a little off the beaten path with the Hobbits Weed recipe that floated about the inter webs. I decided I wanted a bolder creamy cherry vanilla profile so I tried it and yes I like it once in a while.
I'm gonna try that!

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I need a good cherry blend. Yes, you heard me right. Cherry...
No you shouldn't get your tail kicked by any means it's what you like is what matters. There's plenty of high end blends out there that don't catch my attention at all, and I'm sure others too. Try some of the listed blends shown above or venture out with some aromatic cherry blends from your favorite source. It's all in one's taste buds. ... Enjoy!

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I enjoy Raider Blend once in a while from Uhle’s. It contains Cherry Cavendish and a “spec” of Latakia.

Check it out:

+1 for Uhle's Raider Blend. A few years ago when I visited Uhle's in Milwaukee the nice folks there gave me a sample of a few bowls worth. After giving it a try I immediately bought more.
This blend really surprised me since I haven't found a cherry blend I like & can barely tolerate Lat weed...
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