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American Scotches


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So I feel bad for having so little experience with Americans Scotch snuffs.
I use Garrett Scotch somewhat regularly. I tried Garrett Sweet and was not impressed.
Anyone here have opinions on other Scotches in case I make a trip down south?
I’ve heard good things about Superior and Bruton, but I suspect my nearest access is at least 6 hour drive from me.

As long as we’re on the subject, anyone care to post what is available near them (and where you are located) to make shopping easier on my next trip south of the Mason Dixon line?


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I'm in southern VA and you can get pretty much anything here.

I like:
Tube rose
Dental scotch
Navy sweet
Society sweet

Come to think of it Ive never tried an American i don't like. My absolute favorite is Dental scotch. Pure campfire and good tobacco flavor all around.


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My favorite scotch snuff is Square. Some people think it's too smoky, but I love it.
Curious if you've tried Garrett Scotch, And if so how does it compare to square? if Square is more Smokey I have to try some. I've tried a number of the sweet scotches and Garrett is my favorite in that category also. Somme claim Bruton and Garrett Scotch are the same, I find them quite different and I don't care for the Bruton and Garrett is my favorite American snuff