And Yet Another Salute to

B&M’s are few, and far between here in Western New York. The closest one to me is about 50 miles away, and since the local general stores/pharmacies stopped carry any OTC’s I had no choice but to start making my purchases on-line. There are two sites that “used” to get all of my business. One is located in Pennsylvania, and due to proximity I received pretty quick service from them. The other is located in North Carolina, and they usually stock everything I need. And then I joined this little society!

I had never even heard of! I saw it being referenced in a thread that was flaming the Pennsylvania store, and because of the nice things being said I decided to check it out. What a pleasant surprise! They had the tobaccos that I really enjoy at a much more affordable price! So, I placed an order.

I submitted the order, and received a shipping confirmation 50 minutes later! I had placed the order on a Wednesday, and received it Friday! All the way from Florida! Now granted that the USPS had done their thing, but waisted no time getting the order packed, and out the door. The funny thing is that if I would of placed this order with the Pennsylvania store I would most likely have received it on Saturday, and it would have arrived via UPS.

There was a time when manufacturers/vendors took pride in their product. Now its all about the bottom line. There doesn't seem to be any customer service anymore. When I saw the blurb about customer service, on TobaccoPipe's website, I kind of fluffed it off. Everybody's always saying that, but for once somebody really means it! I'm blown away!

I read, in a previous thread, that @WalkingStick lives a couple hours from them, and said that he might take a ride down to see them. Hell, I live about twenty hours away from them, and would consider riding down to see them! They're a class act!

Oh, and by the way, I have a lot of loose pipes laying around that do not have spots on my racks, and I was considering buying some socks for them. In my order was a cork knocker. It came packed in a pipe sock! :worthy:


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Couldn't agree with you anymore. I've never had any issues with SPC. I just like the way treated me. The pipe sock topped it off! I guess I'm an easy date!
I agree.
The service at SPC is outstanding.
But TP provides service just a notch above in my experience.

SPC is like eating at a chain restaurant that has great food and service.
TP is like eating at a neighborhood mom-n-pop cafe that has great food and service.