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And You Thought That Ebay Was Pricey...

Robert Hardy

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I was checking out 4noggins consignment section after browsing Pipestud's site and I was blown away by the prices. For the measly sum of $1500 USD (which converts to about 2.2 million CDN) you can have a tin of EMP from 1972 ! There's some interesting tins there but not as those prices. I was appalled at the helpful suggestion at the top of the page that tell you that to rehydrate a tin you just have to add moisture. NOOOOOO.:popc:


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The fact is, nobody is going to drop that kind of coin for a tin of EMP. I recently saw a tall tin of 1970's Sobranie go for close to $500 and that's a much more desirable tin.
Well, I wouldn't say "nobody".
I never underestimate the foolishness of my fellow man.

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I sometimes go to the consignment tins section of the 4Noggins site, something about it just makes me smile.
I just checked that! Never seen it before. Did a quick mental calculation of their prices based on recent prices I paid for the same item. Looks like I saved myself about seven grand by buying elsewhere. The party's at my house! :banana:

Russ H.

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The sad truth is this---certain tobaccos are no longer being produced, certain people have un-opened containers of those tobaccos, certain people are willing to pay what ever they see as a value to obtain those tobaccos.
For many, and most of us we simply cannot, and would not pay what is being asked by some sellers. It's all about what a specific individual is willing to pay to obtain these things. Out there--some place--is that one person who says--"I must have that."

Robert Hardy

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And unfortunately the main changes seem to have been increased prices and in-house flipping of new Esoterica and Germain's blends. :(
I had noticed the same thing about Esoterica and Germain's as well. If I was in his position I would rather sell a tin for $70 to a buyer in Asia that for $14 to a buyer in North America. Price SHOULD reflect demand and it doesn't in the tobacco market. Don't judge me, I just a little more forthright that most.