Any Suggestions?


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Hopefully should get my shipment Wednesday if all goes well.

I retried Presbyterian I pulled a Richard Patterson only with pipe tobacco... 😝

Like G.I Joe knowing is half the battle.

Having a bad introduction to a tobacco can create a bad first perspective and unenjoyable experience.

It's like anything you go to eat something and you think it tastes like one thing and it tastes like something else well that's just off putting.

So having a good profile is helpful and from a couple different sources and descriptions.

I was able to enjoy the English blend a little more knowing I'm gonna have leather, a little smokiness, and sort of I guess what is the melange or incense sort of tangy but not I can't really pick up what that's supposed to be. 🤔

I'm glad I saved it came back to it.


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I like Black Cavedish, Sutliff Pumpkin Pie, Erin Go Bragh, Half And Half, Sir Walter Raleigh, Haunted Bookshop, Bayou Morning, Orlik Dark Kentucky, and Bullseye.

I also have currently on hand Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman and Velvet both of which I enjoy but I wouldn't necessarily rank as my top favorites.

I also have a tin of Presbyterian I come back to it every so often not sure what to make out of it has kinda of an incense or leather quality.

I'm on my third pouch of Half And Half, and second pouch of Sir Walter Raleigh, second tin of Orlik Dark Kentucky and I'll be opening my second tin of Bayou Morning.

Oddly those pouches seem easier to go through than my tins but the tins are usually 2 ounces whereas the pouches are 1.5 ounces.

Black Cavedish was my go to safe blend for years but I've moved away from aromatics mostly smoke Burleys, Virginas, Perique, and Dark Kentucky.

I have learned to use the breathing method which helped me enjoy other types of tobaccos.

I was stuff puffing on aromatic for a decade...

Samuel Gawith had a few I wanted to try but all the online retailers are sold out.

Of the ones I wanted to try were Firedance, Black Forrest, Squadron Leader, Kendal Kreme, and Black XX.

I would also like to try are Mcconnell Scottish Flake and Scottish Cake, Macbaren Acadia, Dark Twist, and Cornel Diehl Bayou Morning Flake and Bayou Night.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank You
Slice ye up some Dreams of Kadath


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Update Voodoo Queen is really good.

Has a leather and chocolate tin note although it's actually bagged. 😋

Waves of Latikia, Mocha Slices a chocolate almost fudge flavor, Perique and then a culmination of all three.

I definitely enjoyed this more than Presbyterian but I'm holding on to that.

I don't seem to be a fan of Oriental but perhaps I haven't been introduced the right way... 🤔

The tin note for Macbaren Acadian Perique is to die for it's fruity but not like your typical burley that has a raisin or fig note this smells almost like a berry scent.

I'll smoke that tomorrow and tell y'all what I think.


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Sorry, just had to say how much I like this thread. I spent a long time not knowing (or caring) anything about pipe tobacco outside of the one store I went to. I never made a thread like this but I've read a hundred of them on PSF as a lurker. The questions asked were ones I had but felt to awkward to ask myself, and the answers given helped make pipe smoking something I enjoyed, instead of just something I did. Good luck.


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Mac Baren Acadian Perique I'm not going to give a full review on just yet.

It taste like it smells like a fruity spice flavor but it's not very strong.

Now I'm probably spoiled by smoking heavy blends like Bayou Morning and Haunted Bookshop stuff that will knock your socks off and grow hair on your chest.

This is not a heavy Perique blend and it's almost an aromatic in that this is something you could smoke around other folks without offending them.

I smoked it out of my Cobbit Shire so I'm going to give it another go today with a shorter pipe that way I get more smoke into my olfactory senses.

I'm wondering if by using a Churchwarden that perhaps I didn't get the full benefit.

I've tried snorking multiple times but for whatever reason with my body if I blow out my nostrils none of the smoke in my mouth actually goes through my nose it's just the oxygen from my lungs... 🙄

If I was smoking it like a cigarette I can inhale and exhale through my nose but you're not supposed to do that with pipe tobacco.

I'm thinking it's just not a very strong blend and what I've seen off of TR is that it's a mild strength blend.

Bayou Morning Flake is exactly the same thing as Bayou Morning except in flake form both are made with Red Virginia and 25% Perique.

I will say that I like the cover art on the tin of Bayou Morning Flake and I like that it's easier to pack being a flake so I may switch to the flake permanently.
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Update on Macbaren Acadian Perique.

Same results smoked out of a Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn.

Not a very strong blend but not unpleasant either.

It's got a good Perique and fruit flavor not as strong as Country Gentleman or Bayou Morning.