Anyone own a great dane egg?


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So I’m off of PSD for one evening and not only do you guys provide the pics you requested, you tracked down a pipe for me to buy. But before I can even buy it, @sfduke tell me he’s got one in the mail for me! You guys are nuts and I love you.
Correction @onesixonetwo. The set coming from the Right Pipe is yours. I could not let the set disappear.

My first purchase from TP was this set and I took all the sets they had in stock just for the egg.
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I snagged a bunch when they discontinued them. My favorite MM shape! The Cobbit Shire is a GREAT pipe but the bowl is a bit small. I am hoping they upsize it a bit at some point.
My favorite MM GDE is from DarkFlake. I put a Forever Stem on it and it actually may be my all time favorite pipe.
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