Are there any online MM cob sellers that will show you the pipe you're actually going to receive?


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I have bought custom cobs from this ebay seller:

If you buy one of his customized cobs, you will get the one in the picture.

Be aware -- he also sells regular (uncustomized) cobs, and these are sold from stock photos so you may not get one exactly like the photo -- be sure to read the description of the cob you are interested in.

(The description will either say "The pipe in the photo is the actual pipe that you will receive." or "Stock photo.")


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I’m looking for a few cobs but want to pick out exactly the one I'll get. Unfortunately there aren't any B&M stores near me that sell cobs. Is there an online retailer that sells cobs with pictures of the actual pipe you’ll receive (a la SP)? I assume there isn't but I thought I’d just ask.
I feel your pain. Half of the cobs that I have purchased online and therefore sight unseen have had issues such as chamber hole not centered in the cob, shank doesn't align well, and/or the draft hole is off-center. I now only purchase cobs from stores that carry them when I can actually look at those attributes. I also found out that hard way that even when purchasing from MM, they expect buyer to pay return shipping if there are issues which will likely cost as much as the pipes!


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I mean we all have access to Google right?
He doesn't live in California.
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