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Are waxes really very different?

I am just getting around to cleaning up my first estate pipes that I found at a local antique store.

Different folks have their favorite wax: Decatur, Renaissance, Halcyon, Paragon, probably a few others.

I believe all of these are carnuba (or largely so). Can there really be much difference between them?


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Carnauba feautures heavily in lots of waxes, and all the hand-rubbed waxes feature a blend of surface-coating stuff (eg wax) and various thinners. Just be a little careful what the ingredients are - lots of automotive waxes contain silicon now for example, and where carnauba has a slightly sweet, floral taste.... silicon doesn't.

Halcyon and Paragon are both popular, I think I'd start there.

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"Anyway I think a guy should be looking at wax as a finishing touch, and not looking for anything much from it - by the time a pipe is ready for wax, the finish is... done. Pipe is shiny, etc. So the results from any popular/well-regarded products shouldn't vary much."

Exactly. A pure wax (like Carnuba) is really just a finish protectant.

"I guess I want to make sure I do not cause any permanent damage by using a "wrong" product. "

You can't really do any harm with any of the products you listed (Decatur, Halycon, Paragon)

I've used Halycon/Paragon in the past, but the tiny jars are expensive. I'll switch to Renaissance (or Wheaton) when I need to resupply.

As Sas said, stay away from Auto related products, most of those are not true waxes but rather contain some type of polishing agent (and as such, would have a slight abrasive feature, ie an auto "cleaner" wax)