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In Colorado Springs I found a great shop called Stag Tobacconist. They had a healthy selection of tins, bulk blends and a friendly staff. While there, an older gentleman (sorry I forgot his name) was kind enough to talk to me for a few minutes and make some recommendations. I left with a Sherlock Holmes edition Peterson and a tin of Balkan Sasieni. Well worth the trip.
Stag has a location in Denver if that still exists


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Can anyone in the northern Idaho ( state line, postfalls, CDA area) recommend a B&M please?
Also do you happen to know the bulk and tin prices? I live Tyler wa aka Cheney so cda is roughly an hour drive

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I just attended a great pipe night Tuesday in Akron, Ohio, at the Pipe Rack, founded in 1968. The Laudisi rep came up from Myrtle Beach and brought some sweet Savinelli and Peterson pipes. I bought several nice pipes, including this new/old stock Armellini which still had its twine with wax seal running through the bowl and stem. The Pipe Rack has a Facebook page.


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