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Every now and then, I see folks asking about where they can find a decent pipe shop during their travels, and I'm kind of surprised we don't have a consolidated list. Back on PSF you could find some nice threads regarding the topic that were quite helpful. So let's hear about 'em folks, where's one find a nice B&M shop without suffering through all the vape shop results from Google maps? I'll start with some I've personally visited and thoroughly enjoyed. What say you, PSD?

Pipes by George - Raleigh, NC

McCranies - Charlotte, NC and Cornelius, NC

Gatlin-Burlier - Gatlinburg, TN

Edward's Pipe and Tobacco Shop - Tampa, FL

Low Country Pipe and Cigar - Little River, SC

The Pipe Shop Ltd - Edinburgh, Scotland
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A Little Taste of Cuba - Princeton, NJ and
New Hope, PA
Cigar oriented, but they have a moderate selection of quality bulk blends and tins, and a smaller selection of briars.

Smokin' Joe's - multiple locations along the PA/NJ border. They are primarily in business to take advantage of a slightly lower tax rate in PA by selling to NJ residents. They are also very vape oriented. That being said, they stock a large selection of otc blends in pouches and tubs as well as a better than drugstore selection of MM cobs.
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