Baby got a bath today.

Very cool - the evening out of colour is amazing!. How did you block off the chamber and shank?
I didn't have a cork to fit the chamber so I fudged it and cut the thumb off of a heavy rubber glove. I stuffed it with paper towel and press fit it into the bowl for a snug fit. I left the stem in the shank and was very careful with the wax. The mortise insert and tenon on the stem are delrin so I figured they could take some heat as long as I was careful. I was just careful not to get too much wax on top of the rim so that there would be minimal wax seeping into the bowl. No wax got into the shank/stem. I used a folded pipe cleaner to wipe some wax on top of the stem/shank junction to make sure that it got waxed because that was the high point for the way the pipe sat in the pot of wax.

Hope that all makes sense.