Beaupipe's Massive Baccy Collection for PSDers


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Time to get this started. Finally I know! Your patience will be rewarded. You can thank @beaupipe for the baccy and the PSD Mods for allowing this.

Was able to get 12 packages together. Medium flat rate USPS priority mail boxes. All you have to do is pay $20 to cover the shipping costs.

Read the details below carefully:

- PM me with the answer to the following question (What is my preferred inner chamber diameter for my pipes?).

- The first 12 correct answers (based on timestamp) will receive a PM reply asking for shipping info and provided with PayPal payment info to cover the shipping cost.

- Sorry, but only PSDers in the US are eligible to participate.

- Cost is $20 via PayPal F&F or you cover the fees.

- Any payments not received after 24hrs from the PM reply timestamp will forfeit and the opportunity will go to the next person in queue.

- All packages will be shipped by the end of this week. Please note each box contains a unique selection of aged baccy. Some are in perfect condition and some are dry. Three of the 12 boxes contain Esoterica (Penzance, Stonehaven, or St. Ives).

Thanks for reading all the rule and details. Let the games begin!!!