Beaupipe's Massive Baccy Collection for PSDers


Russian spambot
lol I thought it was meant to be beau's preference not duke's! I searched around for the same words from beau and nada. I thought beau was the one who wrote the question and read it as such.

I have precisely one million pounds of tobacco and just wanted to play tho, congrats to the winners!


Resident Feline
I used to have a Mosin Nagant with a metal plate on the stock that hurt like the dickens after two or three rounds...I don't remember if I've ever shot a 10 gauge or if 12 was the most I've tried but I can imagine
I shot an 8 gauge.... “once”... I was 12 years old. My neighbor loads it with a 3in magnum. It knocked me back about 5 feet into am oak behind me. My shoulder hurt for a week . He laughed, and laughed......