Becker pencil shank tenon replacement

This beauty came through the shop today. Poor thing looks like is has a million ways to break. Luckily it only snapped the tenon. This is after I pulled the broken tenon out.
I thought I’d show my process. First thing, I cut a piece of delrin and turned down to size. With a shank this thin, I busted out the digital calipers. Fitting by feel would break the mortise by being a thousandth off.
Once turned dow to size, thread the delrin on the other end with a 14-20 die.
Face off the stem where it broke, drill out 3/8” in with a #10 bit, and tap with 14-20 to match. I then epoxy the new tenon in place. The main purpose of tapping it in, instead of just drilling it, is that delrin doesn’t hold epoxy well.
A quick buff and polish and she’s ready to be sent home.
Cheers all!

-Silas Walls

S Mac

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On closer examination it may be Waldo. The last letter or two are very faint. There also a triangle in front of the name with some design inside that, imported briar, and something else I can't make out.


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Nice work. Had I known you could do this I would have sent you my first Bing's Favorite when that tenon snapped off after owning it for three days. Cup o' Joes asked for it and sent me a new one.