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Benjamin Hartwell, then and now

Ozark Wizard

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So, almost a week ago, I picked up two tins of this from an online vendor. I was surprised it was even in stock. almost a week later, they had more, but as "new stock". here are the visual differences....

IMG_7028 (800x558).jpg

The packaging is obviously different. On the left, a tin dated 2017, definitely taller tin. Sent in a box. On the right, the standardized flat screwtop with the obligatory warning label. They were sent in a manila envelope.

IMG_7031 (800x600).jpg
The second shipment, shown here, with the paper sleeve. Two rows of evenly cut flakes, reminiscent of a familiar Danish manufacturer. Smells like DDF, McConnell's Scottish flake, that sort of thing.


The 2017 version had no sleeve, and was a jumble of almost broken flake. Tin note was a typical McClelland Red silage, notes of cinnamon and clove...

Smoked both over the course of the last few days. My thoughts?

The old stuff was great, awesome, and I want more, but afraid to smoke it up too fast. The new stuff, it's good, but, it reminds me of smoking RC-1 in flake form. I'll probably sock thirty grams of the new stuff away in a jar and finish the balance, but mixed with something. A good effort by Sutliff, but not a close match. Bummer, I had high hopes......

Ozark Wizard

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Thanks for the review - I didn't realize there was a new version. Same with the other Hartwells? I guess Sutliff isn't quite "the new McClelland". Their name was on the old versions, I guess as distributor and trademark owner, but they were clearly McC blends.
Ah, well, if there's another generation or so of pipe smokers no one will know the difference....:old: well, maybe a few us might be around to shake our canes and wave our pipes away from our oxygen tubes with revery and consternation....