Birth of PSD 3.0


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Thanks to the mods for putting up with all of us hooligans, herding cats is never an easy job. Thanks to the members for making this place feel like PSF did, respectful, lighthearted and fun, with almost everyone being helpful and quick to bop you on the head with a sarcastic and witty comment, in a good way.

I too missed PSF for a while, probably pretty natural given it was a regular part of my life, I really don't anymore. This place feels to me like what I imagine PSF would have felt like had Woody passed the torch to the mods, it would have changed anyway. Happy birthday PSD, I'll be sure to enjoy an extra slice of pie today for you, caramel apple just to stir the old pot. One of these days when the finances settle down a bit a PSD account upgrade is in the plans, just had some unexpected challenges crop up that preclude any chance of free spending at present.


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Like several have said, this is the only forum I belong to. Has discussions on everything I like -- pipes, pocket knives, shaving, shooting, beer, bourbon, and much more. Really a wonderful community, and a place online to call home. Many, many thanks to all who formed the site and who kept the PSF spirit alive.

I guess I didn't realize too much about the financial costs. Just upgraded to Patron, and it was $35 very well spent - just sorry it took me so long. Hope the site does not create a financial burden on any of the mods or founders.


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Wow, a year. It's been a journey. I was a reader of PSF for a couple years, then when everything happened it sort of flipped a switch for me, and I decided to register and post. So, while I wasn't a member of PSF, I was at least an avid reader of it, and absolutely it was PSF that taught me how to enjoy smoking a pipe. I was a member of PSD 1.0 and 2.0, so I got to see the wrinkles getting ironed (a huge GREAT JOB to the mod team, and everyone else who helped out there). I didn't notice until just now, but it looks like I've posted almost 1100 times in the past year. Hopefully some of them were halfway useful for someone, but that may be setting the bar a bit high, lol... Anyway, happy birthday PSD. I haven't posted much lately, but I do read most of it, and it's still my favorite place on the web. Thank you to everyone who makes this place what it is.


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This site is particularly important to me as indicated by the fact that this and the old one are the only forums of any kind to which I have ever belonged. My online presence is otherwise zero, except for a Facebook account that lies dormant and unvisited for weeks, even months, on end.

My pipesmoking appreciation and knowledge has grown tenfold since joining and, as a result, I get so much more enjoyment out of it all.

And for that I will be forever grateful.

So much great info on piping and beyond!

Again, thanks to all the mods and members...

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Life is full of change. Some pleasant and some not so much. The need to abandon the PSF ship was sad and the transition may have seemed a little rocky. But, the mods did a yeoman job of building a site that captures the look and feel of the old PSF -- but, most important, are the intangibles -- the members. With a single common interest in pipes smoking this site draws together people from across the world into a community.