Birth of PSD 3.0


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Yeah I dig it

Believe it or not I'm not a huge huge forum guy in general, without this place I probably wouldn't be on a pipe forum (maybe I shouldn't say that so folks don't shut it down)

Great mix of loosening the belt but not so much that your balls falls out and start yammering about youtube conspiracies, plus folks who care about the pipe world

happy birthday to the island of misfit toys, PSD


Wyrd bið ful aræd.
I loved the old PSF as I think Woody did an amazing job of bring like minded folks together to chat and BS about our obscure pipe smoking hobby. His passing was a hard hit to take, but those of you who took up the reigns and created PSD have done an amazing job. I know it wasn't easy, and there was probably an enormous amount of BS you had to endure to get this site up and running. For that you have my heartfelt thanks.

I follow several pipe smoking pages on FB, but these are the only forums I frequent. There's a wealth of knowledge here and the banter can't be beat. I really think Woody would be proud of what PSD has become.

The admins, the members, everyone really contributes to making this site a fun place to visit and even when I can't smoke a pipe I love checking in and seeing what everyone is up to.

It's like having one big crazy expanded family and I wouldn't want it any other way! :beerchug:
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