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Blends for coffee time


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Generally, I have coffee for the first half of the day (on my offdays), and I'm alone with my kid through most of the morning, so my nicotine-provider is generally Garrett Scotch snuff. My pipe is normally just at night on those days. The days I'm working/just worked, my only coffee drinking is at work, and I can't have any tobacco. Well, I guess I could bring in a small pipe, but I don't really want to stand outside here at 3 am smoking anything. Anyway, in the times when I could enjoy this combo of a pipe and coffee, it was usually either EMP or PA, and either of those was wonderful with coffee.


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965 with coffee, though I rarely get to partake in that combo these days thanks to my abnormally-high-for-my-age blood pressure. Granted I can probably thank coffee for that as I used to have an 8-10 cups a day habit.

More of a tea drinker now and I enjoy PS Luxury Navy Flake with that, depending on the tea.


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My first pipe is any of the following depending what type of tobacco I’m currently favouring. The past few weeks, I’ve been on a burley kick. So I’ve been starting off with Amphora Original Blend and occasionally Pegasus . For a while it was mainly VA’s and Va blends such as: Opening Night, Louisiana Red, Dunbar, Windsail, SG BBF.
During the colder months, Skiff, Piccadilly, Presbyterian, Chelsea Morning and King Charles. All pair perfectly with black coffee.