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Bob's Chocolate flake


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@SteveNH - That was really cool that they took the time to write a proper reply to you. I was actually about to write an email to them myself (smart thinking, Steve). Then today I picked up my tablet and I was lucky enough to find all the GH stock replenished today, even my favorite, their Cherry Cream Flake. As you know, it won't last long. BCF is already gone. It went at light speed!

Anyway, hopefully GH sees some profit potential in selling to us Americans, so let's keep our fingers crossed that they send some more regular shipments stateside.

Cheers fellas :sailor:

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I haven't smoked it in a long time, but have some on the way. It is unique in the flavoring, and what it has to offer as a blend. In my mind it is very worth at least trying if you have never had it. Its a truly enjoyable blend. I never really had it grab me to the point I would smoke it everyday, but really like it as a sit down evening smoke from time to time. It is very much worth having in your rotation.


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So far not a fan. I don't care for the heavy soapy flavor. Bob's Chocolate Flake & Rum twist I gave away. However I still have the itch to try Ennerdale, Top black cherry,& Dark birds eye. not sure if its worth it
If you think Bob's has a heavy Lake District flavor you will not enjoy Ennerdale or DBE.

Bob's is my favorite G&H blend and it is mild by comparison to many others.
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I'll probably pick up samples of the other 2.
I don’t remember tasting any of the Lakeland flavor in TBC. Birdseye has its own weird herbal thing going on. I can’t say you won’t like it. If you didn’t like the two that you tried, though, then chances are good that you won’t like DBE either.

Russ H.

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If you think Bob's has a heavy Lake District flavor you will not enjoy Ennerdale or DBE.

Bob's is my favorite G&H blend and it is mild by comparison to many others.
I actually find that Bob's Choc. Flake is the middle ground with Lakelands. I rub mine out, and what I enjoy is that I can pick out the many subtle nuances in this blend as I gently sip at it.
I get notes of the soap/floral--subtle, a little hint of Latakia, a little hint of chocolate, and the Virginias come through well. There is a sweetness that is there, but not powerful.
I find this to be a complex kind of blend that comes together well. Allowing it to burn slow, and gently smoking it allows many subtle flavors to come through.
It has been a while since I had smoked it, and I am asking myself why I haven't smoked more of it.
Granted some who are not use to the Lakeland tobaccos may not like it. However this one is not a heavy Lakeland at all. The floral/soap that comes through is simply how Lakelands are in general.
As Spillproof pointed out--if you think Bob's Choc. flake is a bit heavy with soap--stay FAR-FAR away from Ennerdale. That one for me is REAL heavy in the soap department.
In the end--yeah I can say that at the current time----yes I too believe that Bob's Chocolate Flake is about my favorite from G&H.
They have a blend known as American Black & Brown----no soap at all. That one reminds me of sugar cookies. A very gentle aromatic that many overlook.
Anyhow--currently I am really enjoying the revisit with Bob's Choc. Flake. I made the remark earlier that I wouldn't smoke it on a daily basis--well for now I'll take that back. A bowl of it is planned for this afternoon---a BIG bowl.