Bonjour Mes Frères

Teddy Jeavons

Thickly Settled
Greetings, Pierre! Welcome to PSD from mid-Missouri. I don't know much about French society even though I grew up in St. Louis, or Creve Coeur to be more precise. Creve Coeur of course means "broken heart," as legends tell of a Native American princess who drowned herself in our town's namesake lake after unrequited love for a French fur-trapper. All I took from the story is that I shouldn't fall in love with anyone from France, but who knows if the story is even true. So as an olive branch let me possibly give you good news. No need for Creve Coeur on your part if the blend in question happens to be Pegasus? It is strong and has a certain chewy warm steaming refuse quality folks find enchanting. And better yet, no need to trade your first-born ounce for ounce for the stuff. It can easily be purchased from

Anyway, welcome to PSD!
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