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Boswell meet up. Saturday Dec.8th, 2018

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I know this probably should go in the trading thread, but I have a bunch of Kickin' Chicken in 4 oz Ball jars from the old PSF group buy that have been sitting in my cellar for way too long. I am not going to smoke them most likely so if anybody wants to trade at the meet this Saturday I could bring them with me.
Also I have a bunch of 7 Seas tins I'm not too fond of as well.


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Really really bummed, I can't come tomorrow, need to step up to the plate and be Santa Clause at my Ladies Christmas party breakfast for her real estate clients and their kids, their original choice for Santa went to the Hospital this evening with heart problems, so the kids are now going get a real pipe smoking Santa... Sorry guys... Have fun.. And puff some for me..

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The 3rd PSF/PSD Boswell meet up will be at the Chambersburg, PA store on Saturday Dec 8th. We can meet at the Chambersburg Diner (intersection of Rt 81 &30) at 8-8:15 AM. After breakfast, we can go the few blocks to the store (it opens at 900).
The store is right on Rt 30 in Chambersburg. We set up in the 2nd floor lounge for pipes and comraderie. If you are anywhere within several hours drive, it is a great opportunity to meet some members face to face.
(Sometimes, there are even donuts)
I just saw this and it was yesterday ..

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