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Klingon Ambassador to Terra
...I have finally given up pulling the primitive conduits meant to conduct electrons in the Embassies antiquated Terran Surface Transport.... I condemn the one who spliced this twisted pile of petroleum sludge covered gagh previously to suffer eternally at the hands of Fek'lhr....The Captain's Yacht from the NCC-1701-E suddenly appeared and left a log book in my care.... strange days..... Duties of the day over, I shall now sample this...,dirt like stuff, something that I assume must come from Picard's El-Aurian , Guinan I think she is called.... perhaps it's from Altair.... I shall consume it's smoldering remains in a pipe that must be of Terran construction, the horn of some beast inserted into the lifeless corpse of some large plant...

Ozark Wizard

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Would have been cool if they'd made all the warp designations, stardates, etc., in Discovery more like the ones in TOS, since they happen in the same timeframe. Alas, none of the writers on Discovery seems to pay much attention to details like that.
Part of the new Star Trek universe accepts variable timelines, alternative realities, all that. So, I guess, if we have issues, "talk to the hand"