Bubbling meerschaum


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Just curious if anyone has seen this phenomenon before... Check out the photos of this pipe near the gold band. The pipe wouldn't be hot there to make a coating bubble. Is that just 100 years of crud bubbling off??



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This photo leads me to think it's come kind of paint or coating - not the meerschaum that's bubbling.

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Could be a coating. I don't think anyone alive today knows how those pipes were made. I know the coloring is oxblood stain and that the bowl kind of reverse colors as it's smoked. It's possible they sealed it after staining. Or it's just very old, very heavy wax that is bubbling and flaking. We all know that a lot of gunk collects and bleeds through the shank in a meerschaum. Could be that's just causing the old wax (or whatever) to lose adhesion. It's probably pre-1900.
Being as old as it looks, it could have been soaked in spermaceti instead of wax. I don’t know when the shift from whale oil to beeswax happened. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Idk! There was a small “bump” on the inside of the bowl of my Austrian made meer. I couldn’t ever figure out how it got there. It sanded away easily enough. I’m not sure how it could have been there after the bowl was drilled out, but who knows.
Hey OP, are you planning on purchasing this pipe? And, if not, is anybody else? It might be cool to get the pipe in hand, and/or send it out to get a new stem made, and have a pro give an in-hand opinion on it.
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