Bulging Tins - Question / Opinions


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Question for the group!

I was doing some "inventory" today...

I have a very large number of tins that are bulging, what seems to be "a lot". These are the McClelland, Pease, C&D, etc tin style. Bulging to the point where they don't really "sit" anymore. They all seem to be completely intact, seals are good, no rust, etc.

I'd rather leave them and not have to open them to jar, but I do worry...

Would it be best to play it safe and interupt the aging and jar them? Most of these won't get smoked for quite a long time...

Input and opinions are appreciated!


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I agree that the safest bet is to pop them and jar them. That being said, I have never taken the safe route. So far, I have not had one of these bulging tins explode nor have I encountered mold when opening a bulging tin. I am comfortable taking this risk, but I have more tobacco in my cellar than I can smoke in a lifetime.
This is me too. It kind of adds that exciting craps table aspect to tin opening. :bag::bigyellowgrin: